CeliacNet: Past Updates: 2012

1 January: Happy New Year! Lots of little updates today, mainly to the restaurant pages. Illinois, Texas, Washington, and California had the most additions. There are also a few new links to online and retail stores.


25 February: Lots of additions to the Illinois list today. Work continues on the map restaurant guide.


24 March: Minor updates to the Illinois and California lists of restaurant options today.


15 April: Minor updates today to the California, Illinois, Oregon, and Texas restaurant lists.


13 May: Updates today to the Illinois and Pennsylvania restaurant lists.


17 June: Today I've updated the Canada, US, and California restaurant lists. I'm considering eliminating all information from this website besides the basics of going gluten-free and restaurant information. If you have any thoughts on the subject, drop me a line.


28 July: Removed the product lists from the site today. In the last eight years it's gotten a lot easier to get quality information from manufacturers and the Internet. Therefore, I'm narrowing CeliacNet's focus to the basics of going gluten-free, where to get quality information online, and where we can safely eat out. Keep an eye out for these changes.


4 November: Updated the lists for California and Washington today, and introduced a list for England. Currently the new list has several restaurants in London; watch for it to expand.