CeliacNet: Past Updates: 2009

30 January: Major updates today, and more yet to come. I've added a few restaurants to the lists for Oregon and Ohio, and quite a few new products I've inquired about.

8 February: In time for Valentine's Day, I'm updating some chocolate info on the candy page. The restaurant list for California has been expanded, as well. Also added search bars throughout the site to help you find what you're looking for.

19 March: Updated the website today all over, mostliy with new links to restaurants, but also added a few more links and products. I'm currently exploring New York's finest gluten-free offerings, and enjoying them a lot.

26 April: Lots of additions to the restaurant lists today, including an entirely new state list: Connecticut!

29 April: Delaware gets a list this week, too. Also, the links have been broken out into three pages to make them easier to locate.

10 May: With the addition of New Mexico, there are now lists for 24 states. Almost halfway! Hopefully further research will show us places to eat in all 50 states.

17 May: Today was the kickoff of Draeger's Market's Gluten-Free Club. My mother and I were representing Breads from Anna. If you're interesting in joining the club, head over here. It was quite a day; met lots of great people and tasted a lot of wonderful food.

If you're in the Bay Area and interested in attending a gluten-free food tasting in June, there's going to be one on the 6th. Details to come.

25 May: Details on the June San Jose event are available here.

4 June: Just a small mid-week update to add links to a couple more San Francisco restaraurants and resources. I hope to see you all at the Iamori tasting event Saturday in San Jose.

13 June: The Iamori tasting was unquestionably a success. And if you love chocolate, you must try her chocolate souffle cake. Really, it's great. Added another California restaurant to the list, and some more retailers and cosmetics company.

27 June: Lots of restaurant updates today, just adding links to more places that are interested in catering to our community.

3 August: Just back from a long weekend in New Mexico, where I very successfully managed to eat out safely. Additional restaurants and reviews are listed.

23 September: Catching up on updates, added lots and lots more restaurants to the lists. Louisiana now has its very own list.

27 September: This week I went through and updated a lot of outdated information on the beverages page. I also updated the primer with lots of new info and added specific sections about the disease, symptoms, diagnosis, and living and cooking gluten-free.


14 November: Updated various restaurant lists and the lists of places to purchase gluten-free food.