CeliacNet: Past Updates: 2008

3 February: Here's a big update just in time for the Super Bowl. The candy and links pages have been updated, as have the restaurant lists for the US, Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, and Washington. Happy gluten-free eating!

18 February: Just a quick update today because I got bored with the color scheme. Enjoy the purple.

25 February: Purple didn't work for me. Let me know what you think of the new colors.

30 April: I fixed several links today and added a couple restaurants to the Illinois list. Enjoy your dining.

26 May:For those coming to the party late, like myself, here's an update on Mona's Gluten-Free. Those who read the celiac forum over at Delphi Forums have probably already seen it. They've also heard that Mona got married in March. I wish her all the best, but add my name to the list of those who mourn the loss of Mona's mixes. They were never my sole supply of gluten-free mixes, but provided a nice variety to my pantry. I guess I'll have to look around some more and go back to making my own flour mixes and breads from scratch. It was just nice to do a little less of the work myself, but no more being lazy.

Also added a new restaurant to the US list and a review to the Pennsylvania page.

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