CeliacNet: Past Updates: 2007

21 January: Sadly, we've lost two restaurants catering to the gluten-free, one in Ohio and one in New York. But we gained a New York restaurant as well, so we're only down one. I also added a review for a restaurant in California and updated the primer.

27 January: Just a minor update today, adding new products in the cleaning and supplements categories. However, while shopping this week, I've noticed something wonderful. First I saw signs on prepared foods in the deli case at my local co-op marking certain items with a big GF. Then I was at Trader Joe's and noticed a "Gluten-Free" sign on my favorite corn tortillas. And then yesterday I went to Whole Foods and noticed a similar sign on some chocolate macaroons. The world is taking notice: celiac disease is the next big thing.

22 May: My apologies for the lack of updates recently, I was busy moving across the country. I'm now in the Bay Area, which is quite a switch from Pittsburgh. But I've eaten out successfully several times since my arrival, which has been great. I'm also in the midst of planning a gluten-free wedding, so there will be only sporadic updates for the near future.

19 September: So, I'm a little behind. But hey, I succeedd in moving, and the wedding (all gluten-free) was a smashing success. So now I'm all married and part of a two-person gluten-free household. Hooray! And for your viewing pleasure, lots of general site updates tonight.

And, today we tried Laurel's pancake mix. Not bad. Not too sweet, very filling, and very fluffy.

25 November: Happy belated Thanksgiving! I took advantage of the long weekend to do a bit of work posting updates. I still have a small backlog, but that should all be up shortly. For now, you'll have to be satisfied with the updates to the following product pages: beverages, candy, condiments, dairy, personal care, and snacks. There are also updates to the main US restaurants page, as well as the pages for Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, California, Oregon, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Rhode Island, Texas, Maryland, and DC. Enjoy!

On the food review front, Whole Foods's new GF cornbread mix makes the best GF cornbread I've had. Possibly the best cornbread I've ever had, period. It does call for buttermilk, so it might not be the best choice for those who are casein-free. However, you could probably substitute a thick soy or nut milk for it.

23 December: Happy Holidays! Here is your "I'm on vacation" update. Along with fixing some broken links for better browsing and adding a list of products from Neal's Yard Remedies, many restaurant lists have been updated: US, Ohio, New Jersey, Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin, California. Oh, and New Hampshire now has its own list.