CeliacNet: Past Updates: 2005

5 January: Happy New Year! I hope your 2005 has gotten off to a good (and gluten-free) start. I've just updated the dairy and beverage lists.

8 January: I've updated the beverages, snacks, sauces, and meats lists. Enjoy.

31 January: The personal care and cleaning lists have been updated, and so has the primer. Also, for anyone looking for a gluten-free bouillon that is also MSG-free, look no further, one has been found.

12 February: I've broken out the information on eating out into a separate section so that the information is easier to find. I've also updated the links and the primer.

22 February: The primer has been updated, as have the restaurant and beverage lists. Enjoy!

5 March: Created a first aid page today so that those products are easier to find.

26 March: Updated the links, beverage, and medicine pages.

16 April: Updated the links, beverages, and restaurant pages. This update was a little behind because I've been traveling. However, I found a great restaurant in Portland, Oregon that caters to celiacs. If you like fish, you should definitely try to visit Corbett Fish House. Great food, and none of the worrying that normally accompanies eating out.

6 May: Received the list of Burt's Bees GF products this week and have added that to the personal care list. Quite a few of their products are gluten-free, which is definitely good for us.

23 May: Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been getting contaminated and it took a long time to find the source. After lots of tests and other stress, I'm finally feeling better. So, back to work for me. Some of the lists have been getting rather long and they're hard to read, so I've started separating products out by brand. I've only gotten through a few pages so far, but I'll finish the rest soon. See the beverage list for details.

5 June: Finished separating out all the product info on CeliacNet by brand, so hopefully everyone enjoys the more readable format. I'm hoping in time to build a searchable product database, but for today, this update will have to do. I'd also like to say thank you to Cypress Pharmaceuticals, who dealt with me directly and honestly when I called to inquire about a supplement, instead of giving me a hard time, as many manufacturers feel entitled to do.

20 June: Just got back last night from the Gluten Intolerance Group's annual education conference. It was very informative. Look for new information, links, and restaurant reviews coming later this week.

16 July: No, I haven't forgotten about the conference updates. In fact, most of the information is up already. And today I've just done a mass of product list updates, so feel free to go shopping. Also, had a great lunch last week at Stress-Less Gourmet. Nice store, good product selection, and any place I can get a smoothie and a sandwich is good in my book.

29 July: Updated the restaurant and beverage lists with new reviews/info. Also, a warning. Yum! Foods is providing bad gluten information about their restaurants (they own KFC and Taco Bell, among others). I have contacted them regarding this, but so far I haven't heard anything back. In the meantime, be very careful about trusting their gluten info. One of their mistakes is listing KFC's flour tortillas as not containing gluten. So, if you visit any Yum! restaurants, be cautious. And if you want to contact Yum!, use Internet Explorer. Their website won't cooperate with any other browser.

7 August: Substantially increased the list of restaurants for eating out gluten-free. The biggest success this week is that Mitchell's Fish Market just introduced a gluten-free menu. Hooray for seafood!

9 August: The candy list grew today. And in some very pleasant news for candy corn lovers, Jelly Belly makes gluten-free candy corn. And since Brach's still hasn't made any progress in their gluten-testing process, Jelly Belly gets the chance to be my new supplier.

23 September: Let me encourage everyone to stop buying Hershey's products. I just got off the phone with them, after calling to verify that a couple pieces of candy were gluten-free, and they were ruder and less helpful than ever. After informing me that they give a full list of everything in their products they admitted that no, they don't declare gluten, but they have a complete list of ingredients, so somehow that took care of it. They offered to give me the source of any ingredients I was questioning, so I asked about their natural and artificial flavors. I was informed that they come from outside suppliers, who consider the information proprietary and won't disclose the sources. However, they've been assured that if there is gluten present in any of them, it's in the "parts per million range." Choosing not to remark on the fact that "parts per million" is a concentration and not a quantity, I asked how many parts. Well, she couldn't say. Boycott Hershey's with me.

22 September: Updated lists of toothpaste, and in anticipation of cold season, got information from Vicks.

21 September: A long wait for this update, but I've added reviews for three more restaurants.

15 December: Updated the snacks, candy, condiments, and personal products lists. Also, good news for anyone looking for gluten-free soap: Gluten-Free Savonnerie is offering a free gift to CeliacNet visitors. Just enter the promotional code "CeliacNet" when checking out to receive a free Premium Bar Soap.

27 December: Today CeliacNet got an RSS feed. I guess this is step one toward becoming a blog. But that part won't happen today. If you have an RSS reader, simply click on the XML button at the bottom of the page to subscribe. I've also cleaned up the archives a bit so they're easier to read.