Welcome to CeliacNet. I am a celiac in Northern CA, diagnosed in 2004. I've designed this site in order to be a resource for myself and other celiacs. Please let me know if you need more information than what's available; I'd be happy to help you find it.

5 April: Just a quick update today to the California and Hawaii restaurant lists.

16 November: Significant updates today to the restaurant lists for several states: California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Oregon.

1 January: Happy New Year! Hard to believe 2013 went so quickly. Did a bit of behind the scenes cleanup today, modifying the stylesheet running the site a bit, with an eye to a better mobile experience. I've also updated the restaurant lists for California, Idaho, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Utah, the UK, and the US, and both the retail and online shopping lists.

8 September: It's getting hard to keep up with all the new restaurants offering gluten-free options, but I've updated the lists for California, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, and the US today. In addition, I've refreshed the links to information and retail sites.

I've also updated the primer to reflect the latest resarch in Australia, which indicates, at least there, that celiac disease is much more common than previously thought: up to 1 in 60 women and 1 in 80 men may be affected.

23 June: Widespread updates today, with additions to the UK, US, Massachusetts, Arizona, New York, and California lists.

19 May: Cleaned up the Illinois, Tennessee, and New York pages, and added a few new restaurants to the lists.

5 May: Did some housecleaning on the Oregon page today and added a few more restaurants to the California list.

31 March: Found a new resource for the Central Coast and added it to the California page, as well as a few new restaurants and bakeries.

17 February: Added a few more restaurants to the California and Illinois lists tonight.

27 January: Did a thorough evaluation of the California list today. Have also been keeping the map up to date.